Kisumu Multipurpose Center is a Nonprofit Community Based Organization (CBO) for family reintegration, which provides key essential services to Orphan and Vulnerable Children and their caregivers whose bonds of love and affection have been damaged by displacement and/or abandonment/neglect due to variety of causes ranging from orphan hood, domestic violence to separation, divorce and abuse. The key essential services include Education, healthcare, nutrition, legal aid and adequate shelter with psychosocial support counseling as the vehicle of the program. Kisumu Multipurpose Center runs the Happy Child School as one of it's projects. Happy Child School initiated and run by the Kisumu Multipurpose Community Based Organization. Happy Child ECDE supports the children who are orphans and vulnerable and cannot afford the cost of Private and government schools.

Kisumu Multipurpose programs address social, physical, spiritual, educational and cultural needs of a child and caregivers, with good home environment as the best interest of the child.

What we do

Our Accomplishments

The partnership with our UK partners has seen 260 young youths through training on basic computer knowledge. Through the partnership with the ministry of Gender and children services- department of social services, the - Lunch programs as been initiated at the selected elementary institutions

Our Partners

We have partnerd with a number of organizations to amicably set our activities rolling. Through the partnership with united nation women of Guild, Kisumu Multipurpose Community Organization has managed to build a fabricated Center that serves as Early Childhood Education Center. The center has about 45 children between the age of 5 and 9 who comes from vulnerable families and are currently learning in the school(Happy Child School).

Our Drive

Kisumu Multipurpose Center has opted to consider the family to be the missing factor in raising children even in these residential homes. A family provides for the emotional security and identity that only comes with a real sense of belonging. We have also taken the point of view that children need to belong to their community, even if they are impoverished.