Kenya is a home of little over 42 million people. Less than 2 percent of the land is cultivated in to permanent crops, agriculture is the main stray of their suffering economy, which while improving in recent years has continued to be weak due to low market prices of their main products and drought as well. 55% of the people in Kenya are below poverty level with 25% living on less than 1 US dollar per day and nearly 45% has no employment at all. There are approximately 1.9 million orphans in this country with Nyanza- Kisumu with a greater percentage and this number is growing at an alarming rate. Nearly 35% of the children suffers from severe growth and development stunting and is always the cases of all these numbers are worse for orphans. Often orphan children that are not cared for turn to life of crime in order to survive. They have subjected to human trafficking, prostitution, child labor and worse. Many of these children die of starvation, malnutrition related illness, preventable diseases and acts of violence. Many spend much of their life in jail or prison.

About Kisumu Multipurpose Center

Kisumu Multipurpose takes great pleasure in serving the forgotten and un loved children by placing them in loving, homes and giving them every opportunity to not only survive but to thrive in their local communities. While nutrition, shelter and basic education are important things, we believe that children have fertile minds in need of cultivating to develop wonder, creativity and ability. Christian Family views the spiritual, emotional, and mental development of each child as a crucial aspect of what we do. Children here in Kisumu are abandoned, neglected, abused and orphaned. Kisumu Multipurpose hopes to prevent children from ending up in streets where the situation is simply tragic.


Kisumu Multipurpose is a nonprofit Community Based Organization that was established in the year 2009 by child development worker out of concern of the plight of the increasing number of disadvantaged children in Kisumu County to HIV/AIDS, to Child abuse, neglect and abandonment.

We handle children of 17 years and below in elementary, primary and secondary schools and children centers. The children are clustered as per the age and the need specialty. We mainly target; children in need of care and protection, children in conflict with the law and children out of school which will be the core beneficiaries with an extension to their teachers/tutors and parents/guardians

The idea of Kisumu Multipurpose Community Based Organization arose after the founder and the current Chairman Mr. Alfred Onyango Nyakwaka in 2009 at around 10.00am; saw a little boy of around nine years of age sneaking out a fence with a bunch of bananas in Kajulu Village of Kisumu. He stealthily followed the boy and saw him enter a grass thatched house a few meters away with the bananas. He realized that the boy may have stolen the bananas to feed his family and was greatly disturbed. He proceeds to his workplace but later in the evening visited the house where he saw the boy entering. He met an ailing old lady, the boy he had spotted, plus three other younger children. He introduced himself as a neighbor and the lady narrated how the children had to drop out of school to help her fend for the family. He gave them the supplies he bought in town and since then started supporting them with the understanding the children must resume school immediately. He purchased their uniform and re-enrolled them in school.

Mr Nyakwaka realized that there are many more children facing the same plight and recruited three more but soon realized that his meager resources could not support all of them, and therefore he would go around soliciting funds from his neighbors, friends and the local church to help him support these destitute children. In April 2010 he brought together ten men and women from the community, who had also been seriously touched to form the Kisumu Multipurpose Community Based organization. The aim of the organization was to support the orphaned and vulnerable children in the community lead better lives and go back to school. It was then registered with the government of Kenya in the year 2010 under the ministry of Gender and children services- department of social services under registration number Kisumu East/CBO/245/010 as a community based non- profit organization. Kisumu Multipurpose Community Based Organization founders are guided by a strong belief that children’s needs could better be met in family than institution.

Our Vision

To equip young people with life skills lessons through mentorship and create a legal safety networks to ensure the protection of children rights in Kisumu East sub- County with improved transition beyond youthful stage.

Our Mission

To develop, promote and/or support community systems that reduce cycle of orphaned and vulnerable children and those that facilitate the realization of their full potential in life.

Our Objectives

  1. To strengthen the capacity of Families to protect and care for Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC).
  2. To avail educational facilities, which bring good performance, retention and completion in school for the community less fortunate children such as school uniforms, sanitary towels with panties, school fees, school bags and course textbooks and life skills lessons based on children rights.
  3. To link the Orphan and Vulnerable Children to healthcare service providers to offer treatment and education of prevention health messages and advocate for waiver fee.
  4. To provide Early Childhood Education (ECE) to young Orphans and Vulnerable children within center at their School called “Happy Child School”.
  5. To conduct life skills lessons to street children, within local streets of Kisumu using child rights based approach.
  6. To conduct programmes that reduces the incidence and prevalence of orphans and vulnerable children within the community.


Our programmes have helped many children smile again. We keep investing in the future through giving destitutes and street children good feeding and education. Help us continue with this worthy course.

Our Team

  • Alfred Onyango Nyakwaka


    Started Kisumu multipurpose Center together with Emily Akoth(Spouse). Alfred's journey in the field of social services began in 2006.

  • Ruth Achieng

    Board Member

    Ruth is a Diploma holder in computer studies with vast knowledge in computer applications.

  • Alice Elisabeth

    Board Member

    Alice, a community Development expert is one of the board Members of Kisumu Multipurpose Center representing the voice of the girl child in the project.

  • Titus Otieno Achar

    Board Member

    Titus, a Diploma holder in Project Management is an esteemed board member at Kisumu Multipurpose Center.