Kisumu Multipurpose Priorities

  • Equipping Orphan and Vulnerable Children with key basic essential services such as education, healthcare and legal aid.
  • Promoting the reunification of children with their parents or nearest capable relatives and strengthening their capacity to care and protect them.
  • Putting a Kisumu Multipurpose center for child reintegration process as a long-term intervention which provides more services to both the children and the community members.

Our Activities

  1. Providing school uniforms to both primary and secondary school needy pupils and students respectively.
  2. Payment of school fees to needy high school students.
  3. Linking the OVC with healthcare service providers and settle the treatment costs.
  4. Providing Christian psycho- social guidance and counseling to children and parents in crisis for reunification.
  5. Assisting the street children by identifying the safe homes during integration period.
  6. Providing Early Childhood education to Orphans.

Our Strategies

We work with schools, churches and community forums to find sustainable solutions that addresses the interventions to be given to the child in need of care and protection such as basic material support and legal support where necessary

Our motive is strengthening and synergizing the capabilities of orphan and vulnerable child to be access to basic essential and legal services such as food, shelter and clothing’s, education and healthcare, claiming their human rights and demand accountability from development actors particularly the state through collaborating and networking approach.

As part of our operations, we deploy monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for progress and impact assessment.

KMC Involvement on Street Children work

Street child! There is a child growing up in the streets because of abandonment, neglect and/or abuse. They gather where the traffic stops. They cluster near the tourist shops. They sniff their potions of poison glue. They beg for the food to eat, clothes to put on and a place to sleep and we step over them as though out of view. The government has tried to ‘repatriate’ some of them back to their communities. This is near impossible in the many situations as the families are either dysfunctional and/or unable to afford the care of one or more of their own. These children in the streets, when left, they become part of the criminal element of the society. People sees them just like bodies lying in the dust, like heaps of dung, just human rust, decay the world would rather say, call in the trucks, haul them away;

Kisumu Multipurpose Interventions

Kisumu Multipurpose has opted to consider the family to be the missing factor in raising children even in these residential homes. A family provides for the emotional security and identity that only comes with a real sense of belonging. We have also taken the point of view that children need to belong to their community, even if they are impoverished. It is thought that this fosters a sense of responsibility to one’s home, no matter how bad the situation may be if all support is given. Kisumu Multipurpose intervenes by putting short and medium term intervention to rescue the situation through Family reintegration programs.

Family Reintegration/Reunification Program

A program of Family reintegration ensures that reintegration aid services are provided to parents and children whose bonds of love and affection have been damaged or destroyed by abuse, neglect, abandonment and alienation. Most of these children are in the streets or at community levels. Kisumu Multipurpose community organization organizes a ‘CENTER’, which will bring these children together for reintegration aid services.

Short term intervention

The short intervention program to bring back the lost hope for these children is as follows;
Short term residential family reintegration which takes 4-6 days within a specified center. Children are being removed from the streets by social workers and brought to center to receive counseling, food, clothes and beddings and then reunified by their close relatives, parents and guardians within their communities. Their communities and families are known after carrying a social inquiry. The process takes two weeks. The cost implication involves;-

  • Food, clothes and personal effects
  • Counseling services
  • Beddings to the placement houses
  • Running expenses

For effective delivery of reintegration services to children, KMC have identified two houses, which accommodates twenty children under going reintegration before re unification with their parents.

Medium term intervention

The medium term intervention focuses on retaining the reintegrated children at the family household set up. The program is called Intensive residential family reintegration which takes 1- 6 months within the community level. The family and the child are being supported to improve on a living. The program ensures that the child has been taken back to school. This program ensures that every needy child from the streets is taken to school to enjoy his/her right to education towards development as the main pillar. Education sponsorship provides the following:

  1. School uniform
  2. Shoes
  3. School fees/levies
  4. Backpack and school supplies
  5. T. Shirt and short for sports
  6. Monitoring of the children schoolwork and progress

Providing households items such as clothes, mattresses, blankets, tables and chairs, paraffin for lighting and other household deliveries such as cooking oil, grains and other household basic items to support the living as the KMC looks for a long term intervention. These families are assisted with psychosocial support counseling to handle the street children while receiving key essential services. The program addresses social, physical educational and cultural needs of a child and parent in the supportive home environment of Friendly Center of KMC.

Long term intervention

The long term intervention focuses on putting up a center which will provide accommodative and child friendly facilities for the best interest of the child. It would be a place of community, not inwardly focused but where the goodness of God would overflow the surrounding neighborhood and city. This is the ‘KMC CENTER’. The centre will offer education, food, shelter and God-fearing environment to lovely. It will be a place for rest and reflection and stimulate individuals, children and visitors alike, to find their calling. Housing for volunteers, a small chapel and most importantly a space where passionate people can share ideas, music and art.

Organization's Accomplishments

  • Through the partnership with united nation women of Guild, Kisumu Multipurpose Community Organization has managed to build a fabricated Center that serves as Early Childhood Education Center. The center has about 45 children between the age of 5 and 9 who comes from vulnerable families and are currently learning in the school. (Happy Child School).
  • Through the partnership with the community, potential donors and online fundraising, Kisumu Multipurpose have managed to educate 16 children in secondary and primary school of which 10 are girls and 6 are boys.
  • Through the partnership with Kisumu County Government, Kisumu Multipurpose organizations have managed to mobilize 120 street children and train them on - Mentorship program trainings; Life skills and Paralegal.
  • Through partnership with our UK partners, 260 young youths have been train on basic computer knowledge.
  • Through the partnership with the ministry of Gender and children services- department of social services, the - Lunch programs as been initiated at the selected elementary institutions.